COBWRA is a volunteer-led, nonpartisan, civic organization representing the residential communities of West Boynton Beach and West Lake Worth in unincorporated Palm Beach County. From our initial founding of 7 communities 42 years ago, COBWRA represents 140,000 residents in 108 community associations and our area includes 5 of the 7 County Commission Districts. 

COBWRA protects, preserves, and enhances property values and quality of life for its members and provides for the exchange and distribution of information. This enables member associations to present a unified position in dealing with all governmental and civic bodies. For over 4 decades, COBWRA has made a difference as a voice for its residents with developers, elected officials, government agencies and nearby municipalities.

If COBWRA were a municipality it would
be the largest in Palm Beach County by parcel count

COBWRA’s area is residential and agricultural
and is inclusive of adjacent to sensitive lands 

  • Purple and yellow parcels are HOA’s and condominiums
  • Green/white are non-members and non-residential parcels 
  • The western border is the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, a 145,188-acre wildlife sanctuary that includes the most northern portion of the Everglades wetland ecosystem.

The COBWRA area is home to the Ag Reserve  22,000-acres designated over 20 years ago to preserve farmland and wetlands to enhance agricultural activity, environmental and water resources, and open space. Preserved parcels include those owned by the US Government, South Florida Water Management District, and lands owned by Palm Beach County purchased through a bond approved by voters. Uses are limited to: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Conservation 
  • Low density residential development 
  • Non-residential uses that serve the needs of farmers and area residents