Mission, Vision & Values

COBWRA’s Mission

  • Protect, preserve, and enhance quality of life and and property values in the West Boynton and West Lake Worth areas
  • Provide leadership toward positive and responsible development
  • Provide information and advocacy and interface with government to conserve and respect our sensitive eco-system and environment
  • Provide leadership to secure our fair share of County revenue for necessities such as libraries, parks and community centers

COBWRA’s Vision

COBWRA strives to:

  • Be the voice of the residents of unincorporated Palm Beach County in the West Boynton and West Lake Worth areas
  • Function as an “Honorary Municipality” to maintain our hometown as a highly desirable place in which to live, raise families, learn, work and play

COBWRA’s Values

Member Commitment

  • Relationships
    • Develop those that make a positive impact
  • Diversity
    • Value all segments of our community and encourage active participation
  • Quality
    • Provide focus and unparalleled service, delivering maximum value to our members
  • Integrity
    • Uphold the highest standards of integrity and character in all our actions
  • Teamwork
    • Work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our members and improve quality of life across the West Boynton and West Lake Worth areas
  • Personal Accountability
    • We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments