Delegate & Committee Meeting Information

Delegate meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at rotating venues in West Boynton and begin at 9:30 a.m. The public is welcome to attend delegate meetings. No tickets or reservations are required. For more information please call (561) 572-9151. (No meetings are held in July).


2022 Monthly Delegates Meetings

January 19, 2022 Zoom  
February 16, 2022 Zoom  
March 23, 2022
4th Wednesday due to PBC School Spring Break
April 27, 2022 – IN PERSON
4th Wednesday due to Spring Holidays
Valencia Shores 7751 Valencia Shores Dr, Lake Worth
(Lyons Rd between Hypoluxo Rd & Boynton Beach Blvd)
May 18, 2022 Coral Lakes 12751 El Clair Ranch Road, Boynton Beach
(Between Flavor Pict & Pipers Glen Blvd)
June 15, 2022 Valencia Pointe 6395 Castle Gate Blvd, Boynton Beach
(North side of Woolbright Rd west of Jog Rd)
July 2022  NO MEETINGS  
August 17, 2022 The Grove 9697 Orchid Grove Trl, Boynton Beach
(Boynton Beach Blvd west of Hagen Ranch Rd)
September 21, 2022 Banyan Springs 10780 Cedar Point Blvd, Boynton Beach
(Boynton Beach Blvd west of Military Trl)
October 19, 2022 Valencia Bay  
November 16, 2022 Villaggio 6935 Via Bernardi, Lake Worth
(Hypoluxo Rd west of the Turnpike)
December 21, 2022 Zoom  

Anyone interested from the public is welcome at the above meetings. No tickets or reservations are required. For more information call (561) 572-9151 or email

COBWRA Committees

Click here for a schedule of committee meetings

AG RESERVE COMMITTEE (est. 2017) The Ag Reserve Committee monitors development in the Ag Reserve and organizes public and legal action as needed to protect open space and quality of life.

CODE ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE  (est. 1985) The Code Enforcement Committee serves as an intermediary between COBWRA and the Code Enforcement Division of Palm Beach County. When a potential code violation is identified within the COBWRA service area, the chair of the Code Enforcement Committee will both inform the appropriate individuals at the County and follow up.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE (est. 2009) The Communications Committee is responsible for all internal and external communication,  including, but not limited to, media contact, creating COBWRA Meeting “Highlights,” assisting the President with letters and other communications, creating announcements for programs and special events, disseminating internal announcements, posting meeting announcements for print and Internet, preparing and publishing community-relevant materials, photographs, and resources for print and Internet, overseeing the Webmaster/Postmaster, facilitating networking among member communities on communication-related matters, and working closely with the Social Media Coordinator.

COMMUNICATION NETWORKING COMMITTEE (est. 2015) The Communication Networking Committee provides networking opportunities among COBWRA members communities to educate and share experiences with all modes of communication that provide timely and effective information to and among their respective residents from their Boards, management companies, and clubs, focusing on one area of communications at each meeting.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE (est. 1981) The Community Outreach Committee, formerly known as the Membership Committee, is tasked with increasing membership in COBWRA and retaining current members.  Additionally, the Committee works directly with member communities as a liaison to COBWRA in connection with pertinent issues affecting the West Boynton area and our quality of life.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE (est. 1993) The Education Committee strives to support Pre-K-12 public schools and increase Community education and lifelong learning opportunities in the West Boynton area. The Committee establishes cooperative relations with the School District of Palm Beach County, its board members, County leaders, and State legislators. The committee also evaluates and makes informed recommendations to COBWRA about policies and legislation that affect public education.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE (est. 2018) The Fundraising Committee identifies, plans, and executes events for COBWRA that will engage area residents as well as raise funds for the organization.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE  (est. 2006) The Government Affairs Committee seeks to be proactive regarding legislation pertaining to residential associations, Developing working relationships with State Legislators and other elected officials is an ongoing project.  At its monthly meetings, the committee studies and discusses governmental issues that impact COBWRA member communities and the COBWRA service area.

GROWTH MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (est. 1981) The Growth Management Committee is the initial filter reviewing and analyzing any land or recycled development proposal potentially affecting the COBWRA area. The committee reviews developers’ concepts and when an application is made for County approvals, Growth Management makes recommendations on the concepts to the COBWRA Executive Board for final motions to be voted on by the Delegates. These decisions are transmitted to the Developer and County and voiced at the appropriate County meetings or hearings.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS COMMITTEE (est. 2009) The Health and Wellness Committee provides information and education to the members of COBWRA communities on health issues affecting their families. The committee establishes relationships with area hospitals to provide education through lectures, symposia and panels of experts. When necessary, the committee will arrange an immunization and vaccination program  for member communities.

HOST COMMUNITY COMMITTEE (est. 2011) The Host Community Committee coordinates the Delegates Meeting locations, ensuring that the schedule is confirmed at least one year in advance. Committee representatives meet with representatives from the Host Communities two months in advance of each meetings to do a “walk-thru” and to review all details, including room and stage setup, AV requirements, catering arrangements, guest access arrangements, as well as any other needs that may arise based on the program for a particular meeting.

LAWN DISEASE COMMITTEE: (est. 2017) The goal of the Lawn Disease Committee is to help COBWRA residents and communities better understand and manage the issues affecting their lawns, to identify ways to contain the spread of diseases within and between communities, and to minimize further damage.

PARKS AND RECREATION COMMITTEE (est. 1988) The Parks and Recreation Committee works toward expanding parks and recreational facilities in the West Boynton area. Through the County’s Parks and Recreation Department, and with help from County Commissioners, COBWRA advocates for its fair share of county funds for parks and recreational facilities in the West Boynton area.  Plans have been approved for the Canyon District Park and a dog park will be developed on Hypoluxo Road and east of Lyons Road in the future.

PROGRAM PLANNING COMMITTEE (est. 1982) The Program Planning Committee identifies and organizes programs of interest to the members for the monthly delegate meetings, contacts potential speakers, and sends thank you notes to speakers following the meetings. The committee is responsible for all aspects of the presentations including set-up and audio-visual needs.

RESIDENT SERVICES COMMITTEE (est. 2020) With the goal of ensuring that COBWRA’s needs are met by procuring our fair share of the Palm Beach County budget, the COBWRA Residential Services Committee will work to represent COBWRA’s best interests within COBWRA’s committees as well as externally with County officials, ad hoc groups such as the President’s / Treasurer’s Councils, community associations, and developers retained by the County.  Areas of focus will include, but not be limited to, Central Ag Reserve sub-station (fire/police), Canyons Library, Canyons Park, Middle School, and expansion of and necessary traffic mitigation measures pertaining to Lyons Road.

The committee will source feedback from COBWRA’s committees on an ongoing basis to ensure needs are factored into the prioritization of future plans and will work to communicate updates on these plans in a timely and effective manner, communicating to prioritize needs and identify deficiencies with County personnel.   Committee to be comprised of current COBWRA committee chairs as well as other members based upon expertise.

SAFETY AND SECURITY FORUM (est. 2007) The Safety and Security Awareness Committee presents timely, practical and useful information regarding personal, public and community-centered safety and security topics.  It is intended that this information will be shared with member communities and all their residents. Presenters include people from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue as well as from the private sector.

STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE The Strategic Planning Committee assists the Board with its responsibilities for COBWRA’s mission, vision, and strategic direction (including establishing priorities and development of measurable goals and time targets).

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE (est. 2017) The Technology Committee provides technical support across the scope of COBWRA’s efforts with respect to the overall role of technology in executing the business strategy of COBWRA including technology strategy, technology investment to implement the strategy, monitoring operational performance, including support of technology improvements, and technology trends that may affect COBWRA operations and/or performance.   

TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE (est. 2017) The COBWRA Transportation Committee objectives are to monitor the operations of the roads and traffic within the COBWRA area and vicinity, and report the same to the Executive Board. The Transportation Committee will attend appropriate meetings of the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Florida Department of Transportation, and Palm Beach County, to express the needs and concerns of residents in the COBWRA area. Special attention will be given to roadways, traffic operations, public transit, bicycles, and pedestrian safety.

WATER & WETLANDS COMMITTEE (est. 2017) The Water and Wetlands Committee’s mission is the preservation of water sources and water quality in the COBWRA area so that water is purified, aquifers are recharged, flooding, sedimentation and erosion are controlled, storm damage is minimized and salt water intrusion is prevented in the face of sea level rise. Conservation of open space is important to this mission.

WEST BOYNTON COMMUNITY AREA PLAN COMMITTEE The West Boynton Community Area Plan (WBACP) was approved by the City of Boynton Beach and accepted by the County Commission in 1995. It was prepared by COBWRA with volunteer help from local land planners, Palm Beach County, and the City of Boynton Beach.  In November 1996, the Boynton Beach Turnpike Interchange Corridor Plan was added to specify design guidelines. In 2010, COBWRA formed a committee to update the plan and design guidelines. The revised plan notes those goals that have been achieved and makes the WBACP more consistent with county codes and the Florida State United Land Development Code (ULDC.) It is now called the West Boynton Area Community Plan and Design Guidelines and provides the goals and recommended standards for future development. This is a work in process and will be reviewed once completed. County regulations supersede this plan, and some of our recommendations exceed county requirements. The current committee is comprised of of COBWRA members, land planners, representatives from the Palm Beach County Department of Planning, Zoning & Building, as well as a local architect and a representative from the City of Boynton Beach and includes two people who helped write the original plan.

Email for additional details on when the committees are meeting.